Why is leadership outlook on security critical to employee buy-in at all levels?

  1. The leadership outlook on security is critical to employee buy-in at all levels due to the following reasons-
  2. Security starts from the top
    For the “culture of security”5 to seep in and permeate through all ranks of staff, it is crucial that it begins from the top.
  3. Budget for security tools, resources, and personnel
    When the security team needs to purchase security tools (firewalls, anti-virus, IDPS systems, Identity and Access Management tools etc), or when they look to hire highly skilled professionals into their team, they require the management to greenlight their plan and budget for the expenses.
  4. Buying time
    When the software development team operates under a management which recognizes the importance of security, they are not pushed to release the software “as soon as possible”. They can buy the required time needed for implementing secure coding practices and thorough penetration testing.

Giving training due importance
When the management recognizes the crucial need for security awareness training it is easier to draft policies making training mandatory to all employees and it also helps in carving out time on a regular basis to conduct the training.