Web Analytics Tools – WebTrends and Google Analytics



WebTrends provides an analytics solution for an organization which uses Microsoft SharePoint.

It has the following capabilities-

  • Out-of-box reports built for SharePoint for 2010, 2013 and O365
  • Only preferred analytics vendor for Microsoft SharePoint measurement
  • Admin tools to help deployment and management of large SharePoint farms
  • Ability to easily connect to Power BI services
  • Ability to customize analytics reporting
  • Extensive data export
  • Custom and calculated metrics

This helps the organization discover the use of the SharePoint platform – where it can be streamlined and optimized, and it also helps in discovering areas that need training and process refinement.



Google Analytics help webmasters and organizations to-

  • See web traffic trends
  • Page views
  • Geography
  • The popularity of particular pages
  • Referral URL
  • Search engine keywords
  • Landing pages
  • Conversion to sales rate
  • Exit points
  • Time spent on the websites
  • Browser information

This can help them to tailor the websites, streamline them, optimize, and increase profits.

The difference between Webtrends and Google Analytics are-

Feature WebTrends Google Analytics
Target Microsoft Sharepoint sites All websites
Implementation Internal – within the organization External – to websites and pages on the DMZ – accessible to search engines and the public
Pricing Paid licensing – commercial product Free for an individual, small & medium businesses; commercial for large organizations
Google Play integration Absent Present