Tiger Team

What is a Tiger Team?

A tiger team is a group of highly-skilled professionals who either engage in attempts to physically penetrate a secured location, or work on using hacking strategies to penetrate a virtual environment.

It is a military term which has been adapted to the civilian world.
In the military, a tiger team is often a force seeking to physically infiltrate an area.
In civilian use, particularly in IT, a tiger team is usually composed of skilled hackers who will seek to penetrate a network or other tech environment for the purposes of improving security and closing security loopholes. [1]

What is the benefit of having Tiger Team?

An organization should invest in training and in growing their own pool of talents that can perform duties effortlessly and efficiently.

These individuals have been around for a long time and their specific duties have already evolved in some ways.

Security is a vital aspect of any organization. Effective security measures must be taken to protect the organization from any form of threat. In this case, their defenses must be tested to know if an organization can be easily penetrated. These tests can help organizations assess their vulnerability and identify the appropriate countermeasures to use.
What are the skills a Tiger Team should possess?With the kind of functions they have, performance is very important for tiger team members. They are often tasked to help with projects or on process improvements. They must possess specialized abilities in order to fulfill their specific duties. [2]

For one, they must be able to determine multi-dimensional solutions to problems.

They must also be able to use both scientific and statistical methods of problem solving.

Decision making skills are just as important in this case.

Part of their job is to help maintain the focus of the other members of the group. Focus is important throughout the course of the whole project.Every member must be able to maintain their concentration in order to accomplish their tasks properly.

And, as in any kind of group working together, there must be coordinated action with all the members.

What are the risks of having a Tiger Team?

Individuals in a Tiger Team have specific IT skills and while they represent a great asset, they are also a danger in terms of unauthorized access and the ability to do damage to an IT system.

Employers have to do extensive research and background checks to determine whether skilled tiger team members could use their skills to compromise the operation in the future. They should have water-tight contracts drawn to cover the companies assets even after the Tiger Team has completed working on the project. [1]

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